After The Phillips Curve: Persistence of High Inflation and High UnemploymentAfter The Phillips Curve: Persistence of High Inflation and High Unemployment

Conference Series 19Conference Series 19

This Event Has EndedThis Event Has Ended

June 1978
Edgartown, Massachusetts

Following are papers presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's 19th economic conference.


Entire Proceedings (12.3MB)

Opening Remarks
  Frank E. Morris

Diagnosing the Problem of Inflation and Unemployment in the Western World
  Geoffrey H. Moore

An Empirical Assessment of "New Theories" of Inflation and Unemployment 
Stephen K. McNees

After Keynesian Macroeconomics 
Robert E. Lucas and Thomas J. Sargent, with discussion and rebuttal by Benjamin Friedman. With response to Friedman by Lucas and Sargent.

Disturbances to the International Economy
  Lawrence R. Klein, with discussion by John F. Helliwell

Anti-Inflationary Policies in a Democratic Free Market Society
  Barry Bosworth

Institutional Factors in Domestic Inflation
  Michael L. Wachter and Susan M. Wachter, with discussion by Martin N. Baily

Inflation and Unemployment in a Macroeconometric Model
  Ray C. Fair, with discussion by Franco Modigliani

Summary and Evaluation 
Robert M. Solow and William Poole