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Regional Review Quarter 4, 2003/Quarter 1, 2004 
Quarter 4, 2003 / Quarter 1, 2004
Volume 14, Number 1
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Objects of Desire by Carrie Conaway
Although their motivations might appear different, both individual collectors and museum curators seek to define themselves and leave their mark on the world through the things that they acquire.
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Too Many Cooks? by Julia Lane, Philip Moss, Harold Salzman, and Chris Tilly
Consolidation and outsourcing in the food industry have created higher-paying food prep jobs, but also have erected barriers for lower-skilled workers trying to move up the ladder.
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Issues in Economics by Jeffrey Fuhrer and Geoffrey M.B. Tootell
A steady decline in the core rate of inflation over the past few years has prompted the question: What are the economic consequences when the inflation rate drops below zero?
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Focus on High-Tech by Pingkang David Yu
The Boston metro area fares well when assessing a region’s high-tech capacity by its share of scientific and technical occupations.
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Improved self-checkout technology; annual returns on local investments
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Letter from Storrs, Connecticut by Owen Canfield
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