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Season 4: From Collapse to Recovery: Labor Markets During and After the Pandemic Season 4: From Collapse to Recovery: Labor Markets During and After the Pandemic

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The nation lost a staggering 20 million jobs the first month after the COVID-19 lockdowns began. But within three years, labor markets had almost fully recovered. How is this possible? This season, we examine this rebound from epic collapse, and what’s ahead.

Episode 1: How did labor markets rebound from epic COVID-19 collapse?

Runtime: 14:40— Some thought the 20 million jobs lost in the first month of the COVID-19 lockdowns was the start of a brutal downturn. But labor markets somehow quickly bounced back. In this overview, we examine fears that weren’t realized and changes that look lasting.

Episode 2: Did the Great Resignation actually happen?

Runtime: 13:52— The headlines during the pandemic spoke of a Great Resignation. And millions of “missing jobs.” And a mass and permanent exodus of women from the workforce. But during the pandemic, things weren’t always what they first appeared to be.

Episode 3: Is remote work here to stay?

Runtime: 14:50— Some economists say the rise of remote work may be the pandemic era’s most lasting trend. And they say it comes with big benefits, like better work-life balance. But a drop in commuters could hurt cities. And others predict a remote work pullback is coming soon.

Episode 4: Did a pandemic revive the U.S. entrepreneurial spirit?

Runtime: 15:10— In the season’s final episode, we’re looking at two ongoing pandemic-era trends. One is the unexpected surge in startups. The other is the increasing influence of automation. What do these trends and others tell us about what’s ahead for labor markets?