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Account Management Guide
The Account Management Guide is a practical reference to make it easier for financial institutions to manage reserve accounts. The Guide assumes a familiarity with accounting practice and provides a detailed discussion of each major aspect of reserve management, together with descriptions and samples of the reports and other information tools available from the Federal Reserve System.

Reserve Maintenance Manual
The Reserve Maintenance Manual sets out the fundamental rules of reserve calculation and account maintenance for institutions that file the Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits and Vault Cash (FR 2900), either weekly or quarterly.

Federal Reserve Reporting and Reserves Web Site
More information on Reporting and Reserves services is available at, the Fed's home for information on regulatory and financial reporting and reserves information. The site offers centralized access to information on regulatory and financial reporting and required reserves including:

  • Interest on Reserves
  • Excess Balance Accounts
  • Reporting Forms
  • Reporting Instructions
  • Reserve Maintenance Manual
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Federal Reserve Regulations