By bringing together educational stakeholders and employers in key industries, Bridgeport's Working Cities Challenge initiative will utilize a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to design a comprehensive and cohesive plan for a system to facilitate youth employment.

Design Grant

Design Grant



The Bridgeport Working Cities Challenge initiative's long-term vision is to increase opportunities for youth by significantly improving the high school graduation rate by 25 percent and lowering the youth unemployment rate by 50 percent by increasing the number of entry-level jobs available in emerging sectors, such as sustainability/green jobs.

Economic Growth Challenge:

The economic growth challenge that the Bridgeport team wants to address is the need for greater work readiness among youth and for more career opportunities for youth by addressing barriers related to educational achievement, justice-system involvement, and availability of entry-level jobs in key industries. Currently the unemployment rate for youth is significantly higher than the city-wide unemployment rate. Unemployment rates are also higher for residents of color and residents with lower educational attainment.