New Britain


The New Britain Working Cities Challenge team will collaborate with major employers to provide employment opportunities to connect the low-income residents and residents of color. Through a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach, the initiative will engage residents in long-term system change processes to help ensure the intended outcomes directly benefit their economic well-being.

Design Grant

Design Grant



The New Britain Working Cities Challenge team seeks to reduce the unemployment rate in the Hispanic community by 50 percent from the 2015 rate of 14 percent to seven percent in ten years.

Economic Growth Challenge:

New Britain's unemployment rate improved from 11.2 percent (December 2013) to 5.4 percent (December 2016) with the Connecticut's average at 3.9 percent. However, 36 percent of New Britain residents are Hispanic and the unemployment rate for this group remains at more than twice that of the community. New Britain has dedicated anchor institutions in education and healthcare, as well as a growing manufacturing base and financial services sector. However, cyclical poverty and a high dropout rate have led to a workforce that is unprepared for the living wage careers that exist and are anticipated for the future.