Controlling Monetary Aggregates Controlling Monetary Aggregates

Conference Series 1 Conference Series 1

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June 8-10, 1969
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
600 Atlantic Avenue

Controlling Monetary Aggregates is the proceedings of a conference on that topic, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in June of 1969. The conference - the first of a proposed series, covering a wide range of financial and monetary problems brought together a distinguished group of individuals from universities, government, and finance to exchange ideas on one of the most pressing of current policy issues - the role of money in economic activity.


Entire Proceedings (7.6MB)

 Frank E. Morris

Panel: The Role of Money in National Economic Policy

Paul A. Samuelson
David Meiselman
James Tobin
Allan H. Meltzer
Henry C. Wallich

Monetary Velocity in Empirical Analysis
 Paul S. Anderson, with discussion by Leonall C. Andersen

The Federal Reserve's Modus Operandi
John H. Kareken

Operational Constraints on the Stabilization of Money Supply Growth
 Alan R. Holmes, with discussion by James Tobin

Tactics and Targets of Monetary Policy
 James S. Duesenberry, with discussion by Allan H. Meltzer

A Neo-Keynesian View of Monetary Policy
  Warren L. Smith, with discussion by Henry C. Wallich

Some Rules for the Conduct of Monetary Policy
James L. Pierce, with discussion by David Meiselman

Controlling Monetary Aggregates
Sherman J. Maisel