Economic Consequences of Tax SimplificationEconomic Consequences of Tax Simplification

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Economic Consequences of Tax Simplification: An Overview 
Alicia H. Munnell

Rationale Underlying the Treasury Proposals
  Charles E. McLure Jr.; with discussion by Henry J. Aaron, John B. Shoven and Emil M. Sunley

The Effect of Tax Simplification on Individuals
  Joel B. Slemrod, with discussion by Alan S. Blinder and David F. Bradford

Tax Reform and Capital Formation
  Richard W. Kopcke, with discussion by George N. Hafsopoulos, Alan J. Auerbach and Robert Eisner

Tax Reform and Financial Markets 
Patric H. Hendershott, with discussion by James Tobin and Barry P. Bosworth

The Effect of Tax Simplification on Educational and Charitable Organizations
  Charles T. Clotfelter, with discussion by C. Eugene Steuerle

The Effect of Tax Simplification on State and Local Governments 
Dick Netzer, with discussion by Edward M. Gramlich

An Overall Assessment -- Is It Worth It? 
Richard A. Musgrave, with discussion by Joseph A. Pechman and Lawrence H. Summers