International Aspects of Stabilization Policies International Aspects of Stabilization Policies

Conference Series 12 Conference Series 12

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June 10-12, 1974.
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Mt. Hope Farm,
Williamstown, Massachusetts

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is pleased to publish these papers on International Aspects of Stabilization Policies presented at a conference at Mr. Hope Farm, Williamstown, Massachusetts from June 10-12, 1974.

The conference was a joint effort of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the International Seminar in Public Economics.


Entire Proceedings (33.5MB)

  Frank E. Morris and Richard A. Musgrave

  Albert Ando, Richard Herring, and Richard Marston

Stocks and Flows in International Monetary Analysis
    William H. Branson, with discussion by Giorgio Basevi

National Autonomy of Stabilization Policy 
  Jorgen Gelting, with discussion by Stanley W. Black

International Monetary Reform and the Stabilization Problem
    J. Marcus Fleming, with discussions by Peter B. Kenen, Richard J. Herring, Emil-Maria Claassen and a reply by J. Marcus Fleming.

Coordination and Harmonization of Stabilization Policies Among Countries, with Special Reference to Britain and the EEC 
  Douglas Dosser, with discussions by Richard Cooper and W. M. Corden

Stability in the International Economy: The LINK Experience 
  Keith N. Johnson and Lawrence R. Klein, with discussions by Anton Barten and Alan Peacock. Replies by Bert G. Hickman, Keith N. Johnson, and Lawrence R. Klein

International Transmission of Economic Fluctuations and Inflation 
  Bert G. Hickman, with discussion by R. James Ball

Trade, Capital Flows, and Migration as Channels for International Transmission of Stabilization Policies
  John F. Helliwell, with discussions by Stephen M. Goldfeld, and Lawrence R. Klein

DESMOS: A Model for the Coordination of Economic Policies in the EEC Countries
  Jean Waelbroeck and A. Dramais, with discussion by Keith N. Johnson

Patterns of Instability in Socialist Countries: Do They Call for Internationally Coordinated Stabilization Measures?
    Aleksander Bajt, with discussion by Richard Portes and reply by Aleksander Bajt

Stabilization Policy in Japan and Its Relation to Economic Instability in the World
    Masahiro Tatemoto, with discussions by Lawrence B. Krause and Akihiro Amano

Modeling Stabilization Policy for the LDCs in an International Setting
    Jere R. Behrman, with discussion by Bent Hansen