The Political Economy of Monetary Policy: National and International Aspects The Political Economy of Monetary Policy: National and International Aspects

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Council for European Studies, New York
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:Department of Economics and College of Commerce and Business Administration


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Donald R. Hodgman

Introductory Remarks 
Lamberto Dini

The Political Economy of French Monetary Policy
Florin Aftalion; with discussion by Robert Raymond

The Monetary Policy Decision Process in the Federal Republic of Germany 
Manfred Willms; with discussion by Hermann-Josef Dudler

Methods of Monetary Control in Italy, 1974-1983 
Cesare Caranza and Antonio Fazio, with discussion by Giacomo Vaciago

The Monetary Policy Decision Process in the United Kingdom 
Geoffrey E. Wood, with discussion by C.A.E. Goodhart

The Political Economy of Central Banking in the United States or Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
James S. Duesenberry, with discussion by Frank E. Morris

Determinants of Monetary Policy in France, The Federal Republic of Germany; Italy and the United Kingdom: A Comparative Analysis 
Donald R. Hodgman and Robert W. Resek; with discussion by Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

Political Factors in Monetary Policy
John T. Woolley; with discussion by Marcello de Cecco

Exchange Market Intervention in Four European Countries 
Donald V. Coes; with discussion by Norman S. Fieleke

Monetary Authorities’ Reaction Functions and the European Monetary System
Giorgio Basevi, Michele Calzolari, and Caterina Colombo; with discussion by Bruno Sitzia

Do Macroeconomic Policy Decisions Affect the Private Sector Ex Ante? - The EEC Experience with Crowding Out
George D. Demopoulos, George M. Katsimbris and Stephen M. Miller; with discussion by Richard W. Kopcke

Monetary and Credit Targets in an Open Economy
Lucas Papademos and Franek Rozwadowski; with discussion by Giampaolo Galli

Alternatives to Intervention: Domestic Instruments and External Objectives
James M. Boughton; with discussion by Robert W. Eisenmenger

Comparative Performance of Mu|tiple Reaction Function Equations Estimated by Canonical Methods
Robert W. Resek; with discussion by Ignazio Visco