Issues in Federal Debt Management Issues in Federal Debt Management

Conference Series 10 Conference Series 10

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June, 1973
Melvin Village, New Hampshire

Issues related to public debt management have changed considerably in recent years. The changed relative size of the Federal Government debt, the increased importance of agency issues - these and other factors make a fresh look at debt management issues appropriate at this time.

All of the papers and comments of discussants included in this volume were presented at a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in June 1973.


Entire Proceedings (12.2MB)

    Frank E. Morris

Alternatives for Debt Management
    William D. Nordhaus and Henry C. Wallich, with discussions by Charles A.E. Goodhart and John M. Culbertson

A Flow of Funds Model and Its Implications
    Barry Bosworth and James S. Duesenberry, with discussion by Dwight M. Jaffee

Federal Debt Management: An Economist’s View from the Marketplace 
  Henry Kaufman, with discussion by R. Bruce Ricks

What is Debt Management All About? 
  Edward M. Roob, with discussion by Eli Shapiro

Foreign Activity in United States Treasury Securities in Fiscal Years 1971-1973
    Bruce K. Maclaury, with discussion by William L. White

Federal Credit Programs - The Issues They Raise
    Bruce K. MacLaury, with discussion by William L. White

Even Keel Revisited 
  Frederick M. Struble and Stephen H. Axilrod, with discussion by C. Richard Youngdahl