New England Study Group

The New England Study Group (NESG) is a seminar series, held from September to June, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's Research Department. The seminars cover topics related to the New England economy and presented by researchers from universities and other research organizations. The series is open to the public and is intended to provide an interactive opportunity for interested Boston Fed employees, academics from area universities, government officials, and business and nonprofit actors to learn about new research. 

Seminars meet at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, T-8 Jane Sneddon Little Seminar Room. Coffee and refreshments will be served at 3:30PM, presentation begins at 3:45PM, and meeting concludes at 5:00PM.

2016 - 2017 Fall/Winter Seminars 2016 - 2017 Fall/Winter Seminars

“Identifying Information Barriers to College Application: Evidence From a Statewide Experiment in Michigan” November 17, 2016

A presentation by Joshua Hyman, University of Connecticut
(joint work with Venessa Keesler, Michigan Department of Education)

“EWIS: Implementing an Early Warning System for Grade 1-12 Students in Massachusetts” November 30, 2016

Jennifer Appleyard, Carrie Conaway, Nyal Fuentes and Kathryn Sandel,
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

“Fiscal Autonomy and Local Spending Priorities” January 18, 2017

A presentation by Kerry A. Spitzer, MIT
(joint work with Nicholas J. Marantz, University of California, Irvine)