New England Study Group

Until 2019, the Boston Fed’s research department hosted The New England Study Group (NESG) seminar series which considered topics related to the New England economy. Seminars were presented by researchers from universities and other research organizations. To review past NESG seminar presentations, please visit this website.

The New England Study Group seminars were recently replaced by a new series, the Applied Micro Study Group (AMSG) seminar series. This seminar series covers applied microeconomics topics that have potential implications for the New England economy. Presenters include researchers from the Federal Reserve System, universities, and other research organizations. The series is open to the public and intended to provide an interactive opportunity for interested participants to learn about new research. Registration is required and a government-issued photo ID is required to enter the building.

To learn more about the AMSG seminar series and register, please visit Applied Micro Study Group (AMSG) seminar series.