Media Relations

The Boston Fed’s media relations team fields interest from local, regional, and national media about the Reserve Bank’s work and its experts. Members of the press may contact our team at with inquiries. (Media or external organizations seeking to film, photograph or report at the Boston Fed are asked to coordinate through the media relations team.)

FOMC Blackout Periods FOMC Blackout Periods

Given the highly sensitive nature of monetary policy deliberations and the impact the resulting decisions can have on financial markets, Federal Reserve policy limits the extent to which Boston Fed staff and Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) participants may speak publicly or grant interviews during Federal Reserve "blackout" periods. These so-called quiet periods begin the second Saturday preceding an FOMC meeting and end the Thursday following that meeting unless otherwise noted.

2024 Federal Reserve Blackout Periods

  • January 20-February 1
  • March 9-21
  • April 20-May 2
  • June 1-13
  • July 20-August 1
  • September 7-19
  • October 26-November 8
  • December 7-19

The FOMC blackout calendar may be found on