How an internship sparked a Boston Fed career for 2 staffers, including the chief of staff How an internship sparked a Boston Fed career for 2 staffers, including the chief of staff

Interns getting in at the ground floor at the Reserve Bank for decades Interns getting in at the ground floor at the Reserve Bank for decades

February 11, 2021

Jeanne MacNevin got the call from the Boston Fed’s Human Resources department in 1989 letting her know that she’d landed an internship in the Check Collection department. Flash forward to 2021, and Jeanne has worked her way up to vice president, corporate secretary, and chief of staff.


And MacNevin is far from the only employee who began her Bank career as an intern.


Whether it was months or years ago, numerous Bank interns have taken the chance to turn their temporary stay into something more permanent. The program hosts about 30 interns a year, and it’s been around for decades.


“We are always excited to welcome interns to the bank each summer, they bring a lot of life and great perspectives,” said Lynn Carroll, a vice president in the Human Resources department. “Over the years, we’ve seen a number of talented interns accept full-time positions and have exceptional careers in the Bank."


Curious about FinServ, she discovered a proving ground


Like MacNevin, Ryel Romero in the Bank’s Audit department began her Bank career as an intern.


Romero was studying accounting at Johnson & Wales University in 2019 when she heard about the opportunity in Audit. She already knew from prior internships that she enjoyed working in an audit function, and she thought a Boston Fed internship would be a great way to gauge her interest in a career in the financial services industry. But Romero said she didn’t know how impactful and exciting she’d find her job at the Boston Fed.


In just months, she was working closely with leadership and on projects involving the entire Federal Reserve System. When a full-time job opened up, she had great relationships in the department and had proven herself ready for the work.


“A lot of my work was shared directly with the Bank’s general auditor,” Romero said. “This was an amazing opportunity for me to grow as an audit professional.”


Briefly away, she “checked” back in


MacNevin’s job at the Bank didn’t begin immediately after her internship. First came work at a local accounting firm and her pursuit of an MBA. But she found herself looking for a chance to return to the Bank when she realized the environment at the large accounting firm wasn’t right for her.


MacNevin had a chance encounter with an employee who encouraged her to come back to the Fed, and she recalled how helpful people were when a group project during her MBA studies involved learning more about operations at the Check Collection department.


MacNevin rejoined the Bank in 1992 and has stayed since. Her responsibilities today include managing all activities related to the Bank’s Board of Directors and handling various corporate matters related to the Bank’s vision and mission.


She has some advice for interns looking to build a future beyond their temporary roles.


“Absorb the whole experience – not just the work, but the people and the activities,” MacNevin said. “I walked away feeling like it was a great place to be, and you can only know that if you’re given the opportunity to connect with others and really absorb the culture.”


The Boston Fed is still looking for summer interns. If interested, check out the careers page.

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