Fall 2011 Fall 2011

September 2, 2011
  • Start-up Firms in the Financial Crisis
    by Catherine L. Mann, Brandeis University
    A professor of global finance at Brandeis University's International Business School finds that different kinds of start-ups are funded differently at inception.
  • Credit Crisis Squeezes Car Buyers
    by Debby Miller, More Than Wheels
    A new partnership between a nonprofit and the banking sector is helping people who have poor credit get financial education, repair their financial standing, and buy a decent car.
  • Interview with Karen Mills
    by Michael Gurau, Clear Venture Partners
    The U.S. Small Business Administration's Karen Mills tells the interviewer how her agency's latest initiatives are helping lower-income communities.
  • Who Buys Lottery Tickets?
    by Brent Kramer
    The author finds that lotteries in New England, as elsewhere, often make their money off
    residents least likely to have extra resources to spend.
  • Mapping New England: Single-Parent Households
    by Robert Clifford, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
    In New England, most single-parent households are headed by women, but the latest data reveal that the proportion of single-father households tends to increase in rural counties.
  • The Role of Community Banks in Small Business Lending
    by DeAnna Green, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
    Several new reports suggest that New England community banks have been doing more small business lending lately than bigger institutions.
  • Compassion for Young Fathers
    The Fathers Support Service at Catholic Charities North
    Bennie Ashley Jr. coordinates a Lynn, Massachusetts, program that helps fathers be more involved in their children's lives. With volunteer David Babb, he explains the need and the approach.
  • Giving At-Risk Youth a Chance
    by John Ward, Roca
    Roca, based in Chelsea, Massachusetts, helps urban youth cope with the challenges of entering adulthood. Its intervention model involves never giving up on any young person.
  • New-Business Creation in Rural New England
    by Henry Renski, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Promoting entrepreneurship in rural areas may be more cost-effective than traditional business attraction efforts and more likely to reduce dependency on a few dominant employers.
  • Economic Insecurity: The Downward Spiral of the Middle Class
    by Jacob S. Hacker, Yale University
    The recent downturn has highlighted the increasing risk confronted by both poor and middleclass Americans of tumbling down the economic ladder without an adequate safety net.
  • Civic Organizing Through Questions
    by Ceasar McDowell and Vanessa Otero
    Groups focused on public engagement usually frame the questions for residents to answer. But having community members ask their own questions can tap a deeper grassroots energy.