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In 2005 and 2006, Center and research department economists advised the Hamill Commission, a group of business and public officials considering local aid reform for Massachusetts. Since providing this service, the Center has produced research exploring local aid reform, identified policy options that could promote more equitable distribution of local aid, and briefed state and local leaders about this opportunity. 

In 2010, the Center released research on this topic in conjunction with the Bank’s Toward a More Prosperous Springfield initiative, which committed Bank support to ongoing efforts at the state and local levels to revitalize the City of Springfield. Center researchers have also engaged with individuals and groups working to reform local aid in Connecticut.

Of note, in 2013 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick proposed reforming local aid. Proposed additional revenues available in 2014 for local aid would be apportioned according to a formula that takes localities' own revenue capacity into account, similar to that recommended by the Center.

From Urban Core to Wealthy Towns: Nonschool Fiscal Disparities across Connecticut Municipalities pdf
by Bo Zhao
Working Paper No. 15-14

Testimony on H.1828 - An Act regarding revenue sharing with cities and towns
Presented to Massachusetts Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government
by Bo Zhao
July 16, 2015

"Making State Aid Cuts More Equitable" pdf
by Bo Zhao and David Coyne
Communities & Banking magazine, Spring 2012

A More Equitable Approach to Cutting State Aid pdf
by Bo Zhao and David Coyne
Policy Brief 11-2

Designing Formulas for Distributing Reductions in State Aid pdf
by Bo Zhao and David Coyne
Working Paper 11-2

Municipal Aid Evaluation and Reform pdf
by Bo Zhao
Working Paper 11-1

Reforming Municipal Aid in Massachusetts: The Case for a Gap-Based Formula pdf
by Bo Zhao and David Coyne
Policy Brief 10-2

Does Springfield Receive Its Fair Share of Municipal Aid? Implications for Aid Formula Reform in Massachusetts pdf
by Bo Zhao with Marques Benton, Lynn Browne, Prabal Chakrabarti, DeAnna Green, Yolanda K. Kodrzycki, Ana Patricia Muñoz, and Richard Walker - Working Paper No. 10-4

The Fiscal Impact of Potential Local Option Taxes in Massachusetts pdf
by Bo Zhao
Working Paper 10-2

Designing State Aid Formulas: The Case of a New Formula for Distributing Municipal Aid in Massachusetts pdf
by Bo Zhao and Katharine Bradbury
Working Paper 08-2

Measuring Non-School Fiscal Imbalances of New England Municipalities pdf
by Katharine Bradbury and Bo Zhao
Policy Brief 07-6

Measuring Disparities in Non-School Costs and Revenue Capacity among Massachusetts Cities and Towns pdf
by Katharine Bradbury and Bo Zhao
Working Paper 06-3

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