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Season 6: Rethinking Full Employment Season 6: Rethinking Full Employment

The “other” mandate: What makes full employment hard to define, hard to reach

Runtime: 15:25 — “Full employment” is often overshadowed by the better-known half of the Fed’s dual mandate from Congress: “stable prices,” but both are equally important to the Fed. This overview defines full employment and looks at why some groups are struggling to reach it.

2 things holding women back in the workforce

Runtime: 19:44 — The female workforce participation rate has flatlined in the U.S. over the last 30 years. Why? One reason is a lack of state-funded “family policies,” like child care. Meanwhile, the rise of so-called “performance pay” has left some women behind.

Gig workers are undercounted – or unseen

Runtime: 14:16 — Research by a Boston Fed economist indicates that as many as 7 million “gig workers” aren’t being counted in the main survey that measures U.S. employment. Why? And how can policymakers begin to get a more accurate view of their contributions to the economy?

Is a criminal history a life sentence in the labor markets?

Runtime: 16:47 — Employers are reluctant to hire people with criminal histories, and that can be a drag on the economy because they make up a surprisingly large part of the population. What can be done to reduce employer risks while giving this group a fair chance?