Six Hundred Atlantic

Season 2: A Private Crisis Season 2: A Private Crisis

The nation's child care system is broken. Parents strain to afford it, low-paid workers struggle to stay in it, and high-quality care is hard to find. This puts perpetual stress on families and the economy. Still, major reform has been elusive. But is change coming? Advocates say the pandemic has shown that a healthy child care sector is critical to the economy, and the time for comprehensive reform is now. But it faces major obstacles. The cost is massive, and there is sharp disagreement about what it should look like. In Season 2 of Six Hundred Atlantic, we explore the often-overlooked child care sector. Is true change ahead? Or is history about to repeat itself?

Six Hundred Atlantic |Season 2: A Private Crisis

Episode 1: What’s the real economic impact of child care?

Runtime: 14:26 — Child care follows a familiar storyline in the U.S.: Crisis comes, people act. Then momentum fades, and the system limps ahead. What’s preventing lasting reform? Advocates say many underestimate the sector’s broad impacts on the economy and the future.

Six Hundred Atlantic |Season 2: A Private Crisis

Episode 2: U.S. history hides clues about child care and the fight for reform

Runtime: 17:34 — Polls indicate strong support for investing in a better child care system. Actual legislative results tell another story. Does history offer clues about why comprehensive reform has been so elusive, even though – on the surface – the idea is popular?