Whistleblower Claims Process

The Federal Reserve Board issued SR 22-7/CA 22-7 to promote the submission of whistleblower claims regarding misconduct, unsafe or unsound practices, or violations of law or regulation occurring at any banking organization supervised by the Federal Reserve. A whistleblower claim is information regarding any banking organization the Federal Reserve supervises or any director, officer, or employee of such banking organization that may have engaged in unsafe or unsound practices, violations of law or regulation, or violations of any orders or written agreements issued by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Deposit Insurance Act protects employees of depository institutions from retaliation for providing whistleblower information to any federal banking agency or to the United States Department of Justice and provides rewards for whistleblowers in appropriate circumstances. Whistleblowers may elect to report anonymously.

Whistleblower claims may be submitted by telephone, e-mail, or by form submission on the “contact us” page on the Board’s website, or to any Federal Reserve supervisory staff. The Board’s Ombuds Office, which is independent of the Federal Reserve’s supervisory functions, will ensure the intake of whistleblower claims is conducted confidentially and assist in processing these claims.

The Board’s Ombuds serves as a facilitator and moderator for the fair and timely resolution of complaints about Board or Reserve Bank actions, and receives, reviews, and decides claims of retaliation by Federal Reserve System staff. An institution may contact the Ombuds at any time regarding concerns or issues resulting from the regulatory activities of the Board or the Reserve Banks.

Phone: 1-800-337-0429

Email: Ombuds@frb.gov or the Contact Us form

Office of the Ombuds
Federal Reserve Board
20th & C Streets, NW
OSEC Ombuds Office, M-4775
Washington, D.C. 20551