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Highlights of local and national media coverage of the Boston Fed and its leadership team Highlights of local and national media coverage of the Boston Fed and its leadership team


The Boston Fed and its leadership team help shape regional and national economic policy. This is a continuously updated page that documents media mentions of the Bank and its leadership.


Boston Globe | September 26, 2022
Meet the new Boston Fed boss

First impressions are important, and Susan M. Collins made quite a good one on Monday in her first public appearance since taking over as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in July.

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Popular Science | August 31, 2022
The US government just teased its instant payment system for 2023

The FedNow Service, the Federal Reserve's new online system facilitating instant, digital monetary transactions between people and businesses, is expected to launch sometime between May and July 2023. 

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Associated Press | August 27, 2022
Fed tackles inflation with its most diverse leadership ever

Leadership at the Federal Reserve has become more diverse than ever, including across the interest-rate committee, Board of Governors, and regional bank presidents. Economists say a wider range of voices will deepen the Fed’s perspective as it weighs the consequences of raising or lowering rates.

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Bloomberg | July 1, 2022
Susan Collins Takes Office as Boston Fed Chief, Making History

Susan Collins officially took office as president of the Boston Fed on July 1, making history in becoming the first Black woman to lead a regional Fed bank.

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GBH | June 2, 2022
How leaders are working to address the racial wealth gap in Boston

The Boston Fed's 2015 study that examined racial inequities launched many efforts across the region to address the racial wealth gap. Boston leaders are working on updates to that study and continuing to advance those efforts.

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Boston Globe | May 16, 2022
Editorial: The $8 figure that shamed Boston gets an update

Seven years after a Fed study exposed just how wide the region’s wealth gap remains, a welcome follow-up is in the works.

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Boston Globe | May 9, 2022
Fed, business groups to update study that found average Black Boston household had net worth of $8

Boston Fed researchers and business leaders are working on a more comprehensive survey to study the racial wealth gap in Boston. Building on the “Color of Wealth” report released in 2015, Boston Fed executive vice president Prabal Chakrabarti said he wants the new report to be broader and to cover racial inequities statewide.

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St. Albans Messenger | May 2, 2022
Grant launches new phase of initiative tackling housing; Working Communities Challenge part of state-wide effort to find solutions

Starting this past January and extending over the next three years, the grant program – known locally as the Working Communities Challenge’s Northwest Collaborative – is now coordinating with local stakeholders to see what can be done to best tackle regional housing issues.

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News Center Maine | March 3, 2022
Six Maine communities win $375,000 each in grants

Peter Nalli from the Boston Fed said his team won't tell the organizations how to spend the money, as long as it is used to help better their communities. "This is really about supporting teams to say, 'Who are folks in our community who have been marginalized who may be aware of some programs or some other ways to enter into good jobs but not all of them?'" Nalli said.

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Bangor Daily News | March 3, 2022
6 Maine teams get $375K each to tackle a major challenge in their area

As part of the Working Communities Challenge, six teams in Maine will receive a total of more than $2.2 million from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The Boston Fed will award $375,000 each to the Greater Bangor, Katahdin, Maine Highlands, Sagadahoc County, Lewiston-Auburn, and Washington County and Passamaquoddy tribe regions.

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InfoRiskToday | March 3, 2022
Synthetic ID Fraud: How a Toolkit Will Help Banks

The Boston Fed recently released a toolkit to help enterprises detect synthetic identity fraud. Information Security Media Group conducted a video interview with Mike Timoney, vice president for secure payments at the Boston Fed, about the challenges of dealing with synthetic identity fraud and how the toolkit will help.

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Bloomberg Baystate Business | February 9, 2022
Shakeup at Boston Fed

The Boston Fed has selected Susan M. Collins to be its next president. The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour podcast discusses her ties to the Boston area, her background and experience, and what to expect with the start of her presidency.

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Associated Press | February 9, 2022
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston names a new president

The Boston Fed has chosen Susan M. Collins, an economist and administrator at the University of Michigan, as its next president. The selection of Collins, who will become the first Black person to serve as president of the Boston Fed, has already been approved by the Fed’s governing board.

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Boston Globe | February 9, 2022
Susan M. Collins becomes first Black woman, woman of color to lead Boston Federal Reserve Bank

Susan M. Collins, an economist with extensive academic and government experience, has been selected as the next president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the first Black woman and woman of color to lead one of the 12 regional Fed branches since the central bank system was created more than 100 years ago.

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Wall Street Journal | February 9, 2022
Boston Fed Picks University of Michigan Provost Susan M. Collins as President

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston selected University of Michigan Provost Susan M. Collins as its next president. Christina Paxson, chair of the Boston Fed board of directors, said that Ms. Collins "brings the technical expertise and insight to contribute to policy making and the leadership ability to head the organization."

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New York Times | February 9, 2022
The Boston Fed names Susan M. Collins as its new president

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has selected Susan M. Collins, a University of Michigan economist and administrator, as its new president — making her the first Black woman to lead a regional reserve bank in the Fed system’s 108-year history. Ms. Collins will be one of 12 regional reserve bank presidents within the Fed system and will vote on monetary policy in 2022.

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Boston Globe | February 3, 2022
Boston researchers make strides on digital dollar with speedy new experimental financial platform

Researchers from the Boston Fed and MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative released their findings on experimental open source software for a potential digital dollar platform that could process 1.7 million transactions a second.

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Reuters | February 3, 2022
Boston Fed, MIT release technical research on central bank digital currencies

The Boston Fed and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) unveiled long-awaited technical research and open-source code that could be used as the groundwork for a potential central bank digital currency.

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PYMNTS | February 3, 2022
Boston Fed, MIT digital dollar test casts doubt on blockchain as processing platform

Boston Fed Executive Vice President Jim Cunha said, "This collaboration between MIT and our technologists has created a scalable CBDC research model that allows us to learn more about these technologies and the choices that should be considered when designing a CBDC."

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