Digital/Mobile Payments Innovation & Applied Research

Payment Strategies contributes to the development of innovative business and technology solutions for mobile and digital payments that are secure, efficient and ubiquitous by leading important initiatives with the industry. This includes industry analysis and applied research on mobile and digital retail payments, standards and security initiatives.  Payment Strategies works with industry stakeholders to identify barriers and opportunities for mobile payment adoption, and examine benefits and risks to consumers and other stakeholders.  Payment Strategies convenes the Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup (MPIW) to collaborate on innovative strategies to increase the adoption of mobile payments in physical and online environments. Additionally, Payment Strategies helps to influence payments innovation and ubiquity through outreach, education and participation in open standards efforts.

Areas of Focus

Centers & Groups

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Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup

A collaborative effort among mobile payments industry stakeholders to inform, discuss and consider potential resolutions for shared issues and the elimination of barriers to commercial adoption of retail mobile and digital payments.

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