Christopher L. Foote
Christopher L. Foote
Senior Economist and Policy Advisor




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Primary fields of research

Macroeconomics, labor economics


Journal articles

"Labor Market Polarization over the Business Cycle," with Richard W. Ryan. 2014. NBER Macroeconomics Annual, pp. 371–413.

"Reducing Foreclosures: No Easy Answers," with Kristopher S. Gerardi, Lorenz Goette, and Paul S. Willen. 2009. NBER Macroeconomics Annual, pp. 89–138.

"Negative Equity and Foreclosure: Theory and Evidence," with Kristopher S. Gerardi and Paul S. Willen. 2008. Journal of Urban Economics 64(2): 234–245.

"Just the Facts: An Initial Analysis of the Subprime Crisis," with Kristopher S. Gerardi, Lorenz Goette, and Paul S. Willen. 2008. Journal of Housing Economics 17(4): 291–305.

"The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime: Comment," with Christopher F. Goetz. 2008. Quarterly Journal of Economics 123(1): 407–425.

"Economic Prospects and Policy in Iraq," with William Block, Keith Crane, and Simon Gray. 2004. Journal of Economic Perspectives 18(3): 47–70.

"Arbitraging a Discriminatory Labor Market: Black Workers at the Ford Motor Co., 1918-1947," with Warren Whatley and Gavin Wright. 2003. Journal of Labor Economics 21(3): 493–532.

"Testing the (S,s) Model," with John Leahy and Erik Hurst. 2000. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 90(2): 116–119.

"Trend Employment Growth and the Bunching of Job Creation and Destruction." Quarterly Journal of Economics 1998. 113(3): 809–834.

Book chapters and conference volumes

"A Conference Overview," with Katherine Bradbury. 2012. B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 12(3): Article 1. Overview of Boston Fed 56th Economic Conference, Long-Term Effects of the Great Recession.

"Why Did So Many People Make So Many Ex Post Bad Decisions? The Causes of the Foreclosure Crisis," in Rethinking the Financial Crisis, eds. Alan S. Blinder, Andrew W. Lo, Robert M. Solow. 2012. Russell Sage and Century Foundations.

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"Reasonable People Did Disagree: Optimism and Pessimism about the U.S. Housing Market before the Crash," with Kristopher Gerardi and Paul S. Willen in The American Mortgage System: Crisis and Reform, eds. Susan M. Wachter and Marvin M. Smith. 2010. University of Pennsylvania Press.

"U.S. Labor Supply in the 21st Century," with Katharine Bradbury and Robert K. Triest in Labor Supply in the New Century, based on the Boston Fed's 52nd Economic Conference, 2008.

"Behavioral Economics: Its Prospects and Promises for Policymakers," with Lorenz Goette and Stephan Meier in Policymaking Insights from Behavioral Economics, based on a conference sponsored by the Boston Fed's Research Center for Behavioral Economics, 2007.

Other material

"Why Principal Reduction Won't Solve the Foreclosure Crisis," with Kristopher S. Gerardi and Paul S. Willen. 2002. Harvard College Economics Review February.

Comment on "Volatility and Dispersion in Business Growth Rates: Publicly Traded and Privately Held Firms," by S. Davis, J. Haltiwanger, R. Jarmin, and J. Miranda, 2006. NBER Macroeconomics Annual.

Comment on "Contract-Theoretic Approaches to Wages and Displacement," by W. J. den Haan, G. Ramey, and J. Watson, 1999. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review.

Working papers and other unpublished papers

"Mortgage-Default Research and the Recent Foreclosure Crisis," with Paul S. Willen. 2017. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Working Papers No. 17-13.

"Oil and the Macroeconomy in a Changing World: A Conference Summary," with Jane S. Little. 2011. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Public Policy Discussion Papers No. 11-3.

"A Proposal to Help Distressed Homeowners: A Government Payment-Sharing Plan," with Jeff Fuhrer, Eileen Mauskopf and Paul Willen. 2009. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Public Policy Briefs No. 09-1.

"Space and Time in Macroeconomic Panel Data: Young Workers and State-Level Unemployment Revisited." 2007. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Research Department Working Papers No. 07-10.

Book reviews

Review of The Redistribution Recession: How Labor Market Distortions Contracted the Economy, by C.B. Mulligan. Journal of Economic Literature December 2013.

Review of Economic Turbulence: Is a Volatile Economy Good for America? by C. Brown, J. Haltiwanger and J. Lane. Journal of Economic Literature June 2008.

Review of Coping with Recession: UK Company Performance in Adversity, by P.A. Geroski and P. Gregg. Journal of Economic Literature June 2000.

Review of Dual Labor Markets: A Macroeconomic Perspective, by G. Saint-Paul. Journal of Economic Literature September 1998.


Real Estate Research, with Kristopher Gerardi and Paul S. Willen, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.