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December 1, 2014

In this issue, we investigate the promise and pitfalls of the EB-5 visa program, which promotes foreign investment in underserved areas in exchange for green cards. The Brookings Institution's Audrey Singer and Kim Zeuli of Initiative for a Competitive Inner City summarize their studies. Meanwhile, Robert Clifford's map shares research on a different kind of visa. And at New Hampshire's Endowment for Health, Kelly Laflamme describes efforts to smooth immigrants' integration into communities.

This issue also considers factors that keep low-income individuals from breaking out of poverty. April Yanyuan Wu and Boston College colleagues, for example, note that few have pensions. HomeStart's Linda Wood-Boyle strikes a hopeful note on eviction-prevention efforts that can help renters without hurting landlords. Deborah Youngblood of Crittenton Women's Union explains how comprehensive mentoring helps poor women move up. Nikhil Kaza and Center for Community Capital colleagues suggest a way low-income people might simultaneously save on energy and get a better mortgage.

Daniel Barrick, New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, describes a data-gathering effort to help an urban school system meet new challenges. And the Urban Institute's Caroline Ratcliffe and Signe-Mary McKernan conduct research on worries about repaying student loans. An intriguing Viewpoint, by Duke University's Nicholas Carnes, details the consequences of having few members of the working class in Congress.

We hope you will enjoy this variety and send us your feedback.

Caroline Ellis

Managing Editor

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